May 26, 2017


Meet Our Staff

See how our staff finishes the sentence "Life on Life to me is ....."



Bryan Brown

Leadership Development Director
Australia, Brazil, South Africa

"The Great Commission was given to each of us as a command to be obeyed, not an option to be considered.  Life on life is the core model of Biblical ministry, the context for developing people, the platform for multiplying missional leaders.  Personally, I am so thankful for the man who discipled me, believed in me, and equipped me to impact others.  There are so many people without Christ and the church is so distracted.  Life on Life enables us to block out the noise of the newest trends and focus on following Jesus and help others do the same.  

The "new thing" is to do the old thing (discipling a few) with new people."

Ryan Brown

Pastor of Discipleship at Perimeter Church

"Life on life is about relationships. Real relationships that grow deeper as men and women grow in Christ in all spheres of their lives. Christ's earthly ministry could be explained in many ways, but the depth of his relationships with his disciples cannot be ignored. They walked through life together. When I think about life on life discipleship in my own life, I think about a few specific men who challenged me, cried with me, taught me, laughed with me, and loved me. I think about a few groups of men who have trusted me and each other with some of the deepest struggles of their lives in order to move towards healing."


International Liaison / Events Manager

"Life on life means to me 'It is not just a group or another meeting. It is about living life together & being real, in both the good times & the messy times!!!'"

Amy Guest

Life on Life Ministry Associate
Life on Life Resources / Customer Service


Charles Hooper, Jr.

Director of Life on Life Coaching

"Following Jesus' command and example of making disciples has become a life passion of mine. Ever since high school I have enjoyed investing in the lives of a few men and watching their lives multiply into others. I especially love coaching pastors and leaders to live out their kingdom calling so that a movement of life-on-life missional discipleship can be ignited."

Jay McDevitt

Perimeter Church Men's Discipleship Director

"Growing in a gospel-transforming identity through trials and victories with a committed 'band of brothers' connected in honest, authentic and courageous relationship."

Sabina Parks

Life on Life and Clinic Coordinator

"Building deep relationships and connecting to God's truth by investing life on life in other women."

Randy Pope

Lead Teacher
Perimeter Church

Dick Roberts

International Operations Director
Singapore, Bangkok

"Life changer"

Jamie Voss

Perimeter Church Director of Women's Ministries

"Discipleship - not only is it a place to know God more, and a safe place to be known and loved deeply, but it is also a place for one's heart and soul to be cared for.  It's a gathering of like minded community where one is equipped and learns how to better care for the hearts and souls of others.  I love the example set by Jesus of loving and leading well, and He is my ultimate model for life on life ministry."


Monte Starkes

Director of Life on Life and Global Outreach

"Following Jesus!  It is following Jesus' Biblical Model, Method, Mandate and Mission to make disciples and disciple makers."

Matthew Vestal

Global Outreach Project Manager
South Africa

"To me life-on-life missional discipleship means building deep relationships with a few others so that we all can grow to be more like Christ as we share our lives together. There is an intentional and structured side of the relationship to keep us moving towards Christ, but there is also a relational side where we organically build authentic dynamic relationships."

Bill Wood

Division Director of Life on Life Ministries