May 26, 2017


Life on Life

Pastors around the world have shared with us that there is a leadership and influence gap between their church and the community in which they live. There are not enough leaders for the ministries of the church much less to be salt and light in the community. Many churches are irrelevant to the community because they primarily exist for themselves.

Based on 35 years of experience with what we call "Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship" we felt called to address this need. It is our desire to come alongside pastors who desire to be more effective in making mature and equipped followers of Christ who will have kingdom influence where they live, work and play.


Life on Life is a ministry of Perimeter Church in Atlanta, Ga. 

We were founded by Randy Pope, lead teach at Perimeter Church. 

Here is a quick story from Randy about how Life on Life began at Perimeter. 


We partner with other churches around the world, you can see churches that are a part of the movement here

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