May 26, 2017


What Are Others Saying?


Read more about The Journey in byFaith magazine, and Randy Pope's recent article on discipleship in MinistryToday magazine.

"The life-on-life model has the potential of taking the broad message of the gospel and the wide message of the mission to our people in a way that God can use them in the story of redemption."

"Through coaching and supporting, coupled with directing and delegating, people are more likely to become mature and equipped followers of Christ."

Randy Pope
Article - July 22, 2013 by Richard Doster


      "It's easy to fall into a performance trap ... We're saved by grace. We're sanctified by grace. Accountability is an encouragement to run to Christ."

"Jesus loved the world. He helped many, and He discipled a few ... The church is going to reach more people by focusing on a few."

Article - August 7, 2012 by Zoe S. Erler


"What we discovered is Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship, which we define as: Laboring in the lives of a few with the intention of imparting one's life, God's Word and the gospel in such a way as to see them become mature and equipped followers of Christ, committed to doing the same in the lives of others."

Article - November/December 2012 by Randy Pope