May 26, 2017


Journey Samples

The following files are samples of units and videos included in the Journey Curriculum. Click on the name to see/listen.





Reviewing The Journey Orientation provides an overall understanding of life-on-life missional discipleship (LOLMD) and how Journey discipleship groups are structured and function.




Curriculum Overviews:

Snapshots of The Journey subscriptions in syllabus-type format - each subscription includes 29 weekly units of course materials, beginning each year with Gospel Living





Detailed listing of all assignments for each Journey subscription




Weekly Units:

A variety of weekly lessons found in a Journey subscription




Equipping Videos by Randy Pope:

Each week has an equipping video by Journey author Randy Pope.





Audio by Randy Pope:

Some weekly lessons include audio files. Here's one example:




The Answer Sample:

Two softback, printed resources (The Answer and Life Issues), purchased separately, are part of each Journey study.