May 26, 2017


What Is The Journey?

The Journey Discipleship Curriculum

The Journey is a subscription based, digital curriculum designed to help men and women develop as mature and equipped followers of Christ, who will learn to do the same with others. The content focuses on an array of topics crucial for the development of mature and equipped followers of Christ.


There are three unique Journey courses of study (Blue, Green, & Red) sold individually. Each Journey course includes 29 weeks multi-media content, including the Orientation Section. Please review the samples page to determine which Journey is best for your group(s).


The three courses may be used in any order. Each unit of content is separated into five sections to help the leader focus on the five elements of transformation: Truth, Equipping, Accountability, Mission, and Supplication (T.E.A.M.S.©).


All content is delivered digitally and includes a PDF of the specific Journey set including all accompanying audio and video resources.


The Journey course curriucula by themselves are not life-on-life missional discipleship; they are tools to use as you are discipling others. We believe as you are discipling others you will find The Journey is a useful track to use to develop mature and equipped followers of Christ. The content is a useful tool to assist someone who is implementing the principles of Life on Life. To find out more about life-on-life missional discipleship please see our explanation and other resources.

A Journey Experience Leads To ....

Personal Worship & Spiritual Maturity
Connecting Hearts Through Relationships
Foundations For Life's Trials & Tribulations



  • What Is Included In The Journey?

    The multi-media study includes the following resources which are available to all participants (leaders and students) in the basic purchase (click on the titles below to view samples of each):

    A complete curriculum also includes two published resources (additional purchase) by The Journey author Randy Pope. These are available for purchase in the Life on Life webstore for domestic customers (click on the name below to access them).

    These resources may also be purchased at other online outlets including Christian Education & Publications or Amazon (Amazon is the selection for orders needing international, non-U.S. shipping).

    Participants need these additional resources in various sections of this curriculum. They will be re-used in each of the three Journey annual programs of study.

    All Journey curriculum lesson files are digital and require users to have updated PDF readers (usually this is Adobe Reader is the standard for most computers) editing the files (writing or typing answers) within the readers, so allowing you to work without printing. If you are using a tablet or a smart phone, you may have to add a PDF Reader App – there are many and most are free.

  • 3-year Curriculum Overview