May 26, 2017


Training Process

Through a relational process, we assist church leaders in igniting movements of life-on-life missional discipleship in their local churches and cities.


We have designed a comprehensive adult learning process - which is very different from the way most conferences are conducted. It is made up of interactive clinics, monthly pastors' learning communities and individual leadership coaching for the pastors.




We have found it most beneficial for a team of a few strategic leaders from your church to 

participate in the process together (we recommend 2 male and 2 female leaders). It is preferable for the senior pastor to be a key member of this team. 

Our desire is to help your church create a unique plan for discipleship by looking to Jesus' model. 

As a part of the process, one member of your team will be invited to participate in remote group coaching between each clinic. The coaching is designed to help each church reinforce and implement what has been learned at each clinic as well as interact with other churches involved in the training process.

The training schedule is designed to strategically coincide with a church's typical ministry schedule. 



Clinic 1: Discipleship Foundations begins midway through ministry year 1. This clinic is followed by twelve weeks of group coaching and then monthly coaching for the remaining seven months leading up to the next clinic. This coaching will equip churches to launch their first discipleship groups at the beginning of ministry year 2.


Clinic 2: Discipleship in Practice comes after a church's first groups have been going on for about two and a half months and leaders have some real, hands-on experience as they come back for further training. This clinic is designed to give practical tools for moving beyond the typical weekly content transfer and towards discipling the whole person. Following the clinic, more monthly coaching is offered to help reinforce and put the training into practice. 

Clinic 3: Disciple Leader Development will help your church create a strategic plan for a multiplying discipleship movement. This clinic is held as ministry year 2 comes to a close. We will help you think about training leaders and look towards the next generation of discipleship groups. Again, we will follow up this clinic with monthly coaching for another six months in order to help you implement your church’s strategic plan for the next years of your discipling ministry.

What kind of commitment is involved?

Church team: Two men and two women who will likely be your first discipleship group leaders. Ideally, these four would come for all three clinics. Immediately following Clinic 1, they will participate in together in a 12 week, 90 minute Ignition Team meeting to prepare them for the launch of their first discipleship groups.


Movement leader: Typically this would be a senior or assistant pastor or a lay leader in the church. This person would be one of the four members of the church team and hold primary responsibility for implementing the discipleship movement in your church. For the first 12 weeks following Clinic 1, the movement leader would be a part of a 90 minute coaching call and lead the 90 minute Ignition Team meeting at his church. For the remainder of the training process, the movement leader would participate in the monthly, hour long coaching calls.

Our Vision is to ignite a movement of life-on-life missional discipleship in churches worldwide.

As leaders and churches become experienced practitioners of life-on-life missional discipleship, it is our hope that they will become partners with us to help others follow Jesus' model of discipleship.

We partner with disciple-making churches to help them lead a movement of life-on-life missional discipleship in their city and country.