May 26, 2017



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Clinics are an integral component of our training process. We strive to create an engaging and interactive environment. When you come to a clinic, do not expect to simply sit and listen; rather, come prepared to work on practical skills and action plans that will advance a discipleship movement in your church.


The topics covered at each clinic are intentionally timed in order to be relevant to where you are in the process of launching a discipleship movement.

Clinics are sequential; meaning that they are not isolated events and they build on one another. 

To learn more about how the clinics fit into the entire training process, please review the training process. 

To find out more information about the process and how to participate, sign-up for a informational call.

To apply, view the upcoming events to identify a Clinic 1 location that will work best for your church. There you will fill out an application to start the admission process for the training.

Click on the appropriate button below to find out specifics about each level:

  • Clinic 1: Foundations of Discipleship

    The main goal of Clinic 1 is to affirm the biblical and leadership foundations of a Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship movement. You will be exposed to the vision and initial action steps for a movement to be ignited. Pastors will have the opportunity to experience a Life on Life Group for 12 weeks following the clinic. Then the pastor then will recruit a Launch Team who will experience the same Life on Life Group for 12 weeks. During this time the Pastors will meet in a "Learning Community" for encouragement and guidance as the movement begins.


    • Senior Pastor and strategic team (ideally consisting of 2 men/2women) are committed to attend all clinics and to complete the entire training process).

    • Read InSourcing, by Randy Pope, before Clinic 1.

    • Commit to the entire training process (including follow up).

    The Outcome

    • Renew Jesus' model, philosophy and biblical foundation of Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship.

    • Prepare teams to select leaders and disciples to start two to four groups.

    • Lay the foundation for strategic planning and implementation for a Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship movement.

    Resources (click on the title to purchase)

  • Clinic 2: Discipleship in Practice
  • Clinic 3: Disciple-Leader Development Prerequisites