May 26, 2017



Coaching is part of the secret sauce of why movements of life-on-life missional discipleship have been ignited around the world. It is built around the same "with and send" concept in which Jesus trained his disciples. Howard Hendricks was fond of saying, "Training without coaching is a waste of time." We have seen the truth of this. Just because many people attend a conference doesn't mean they have been properly trained. In conjunction with the clinics, we have added a group coaching element which has been very effective. There is a direct correlation of the pastors who have participated in the coaching and how a discipleship movement has started in their churches.


After Clinic 1, the pastors experience a 12 week group so they can experience what a life-on-life missional discipleship group is like. Even though this is done on the phone, pastors have reported how powerful the experience has been. At the same time, the pastors take a team from their church through the same 12 week group experience as they prepare to start new discipleship groups. 


After completion of the first 12 weeks, we begin to have monthly group coaching called the "Pastors' Leadership Community." This provides an opportunity for pastors who be further equipped on the aspects of the movement they are currently experiencing. This encouraging and supportive coaching helps the pastors stay on track to insure that the movement continues to gain momentum. Coaching has been the real difference maker in helping churches become disciple-making churches.