May 26, 2017


Pictures and Comments from Attendees 



THIS WAS AWESOME! Amazed that they consistently account for the various learning styles! The participant got to experience vs. being told, no talking head! Leaving energized and wanting to apply and see in action what I've experienced here. I value high learning and fun, it was a gorgeous blend of the two.





Excellent, Concise, Direct, Well prepared. An excellent way to present the vision of discipleship and teach what Jesus taught about discipleship. Content was excellent. The approach and attitude of the heart in which it was presented is what ministered most and is what needs to duplicated.  ~Clinic Participant



It is our prayer that this clinic and other future clinics would be helpful to you in your ministry.We are praying that God would ignite a movement of life-on-life missional discipleship in churches worldwide.  As we are talking to pastors around the world, there seems to be a growing momentum for this type of tipping point to happen! With you for the King and His kingdom!





Well done! I was challenged, engaged and invested in! We must not give our people things to do or not to do. We need to equip leaders with skills to engage hearts with their need for Jesus. Truth is a person.